Heidi Coppock Beard

Heidi Coppock-Beard is a professional photographer based in Leeds, Yorkshire. With a focus on food photography, travel & lifestyle photography, as well as video production.

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A Portrait of Primosten

Alfred Hitchcock once said the sunsets on this coast line are the best in the world, the quality of the light is staggering.

White, pink and orange washed walls with simple textures that hold the colour of low light are all giant canvases for this Adriatic light.

Simple subjects such as washing, water, rocks stone, pavement and skin made for excellent subjects against this backdrop, it felt exciting to collect a series quickly.

Blasts of neon light from a kiosk stand out well against the simple hues of twilight beyond.

Blue tones are always present, ever changing, bounced from sea and sky.

Heidi Coppock-Beard