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Heidi Coppock-Beard is a professional photographer based in Leeds, Yorkshire. With a focus on food photography, travel & lifestyle photography, as well as video production.

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New Food Photography for the Soulful Food Company

New Food Photography for the Soulful Food Company

Earlier this year I had the chance to shoot promotional images for The Soulful Food Company’s latest range of soups – a brand I have previously worked with creating images to promote their One Pot campaign.

It’s always inspiring to work with clients who are passionate about what they produce – and the Soulful Food Company are a great example of a brand that knows and loves their products. From humble beginnings as London street food merchants, the company has spread to music festivals, food fairs and high end food shops nationwide.

The brief was simple – to make the delicious products The Soulful Food Company make look as tasty as possible, as well as illustrate some of the different ways they can be enjoyed.

I had a great time shooting for Soulful Food – they are a company that allows me to work as creatively as I like. They travelled up to my studio with a selection of great props from top London prop houses to help set scenes that would reflect the vitality and wholesome nature of their food.

I worked with the lovely and talented food-stylist Kate Wesson to create these images, which were shot using natural daylight in my North Yorkshire photography studio. The client was thrilled with the result.

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Heidi Coppock-Beard